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Rubens in his painting, ‘The Fur Coat’, painted a nude portrait of his alluring young wife Helen covering herself with a fur coat. The painting was fortified with a copying prohibition.


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About the company


The NUTREX Leather Trade Company started its activity in 1990. Since the beginning the main items of concern for the company have been the purchase and selling of animal furs. In the first years they were mainly nutria furs, but in time the offer broadened to encompass foxes and other fur animals. Currently NUTREX is one of the leading Polish companies carrying out trade of natural furs and supplying manufacturers of clothes and furs in Poland and many countries of the world.

In 1998 in response to market demand the furrier business was initiated. Thanks to this, our company is able to offer a whole array of fur haberdashery and add-ons. Our offer is directed at women’s clothing manufacturers as well as wholesalers and women’s clothes shops. The company constantly introduces novelties: new kinds of leathers and furs, new cuts, colors and new sales systems, which, in combination with a trend towards fur finish result in a dynamic increase in sales.

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The NUTREX Company offers furs from minks, foxes, chinchillas and many other kinds of natural furs to manufacture coats, fur collars, fur haberdashery as well as collars, hems, tapes, trimmings made out of natural leathers.

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